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About Us

INDUS LAND a group of companies, which is recently formed having its Registered office at Kalamassery, near the Metro Station in AKKM Towers and Corporate office at Kuriapally Towers, Maradu, Ernakulam Our Phone No. 7736 310 888, 0484 4610888.


Vice Chairperson's Message

To fulfill the needs of the present generation, Indusland Group of Companies is offering its services in the financial sector, focusing on Education Loans. We also deal in Gold Loans, Vehicle Loans, Deposits, Insurance, Training and Farmers sector.

In future, the main focus will be on “Farmers Producer Company Ltd” with the assistance of the Central and State Govt.

Furthermore, we solicit the support of our Customers and the Citizens, in general.

Mrs. Nirmala S Kurup

(Vice Chair Person)



Mr. Saneshkumar S, our CEO, has wide experience (More than 20 Years) in NBFC and Banking (Retail banking and Assets, Credits,Loans and collections, Insurance (General, Health and Life) and Investment. Accounts Audit, Operations, Trainer and as a Legal advisor on financial matters. He is the Captain of this group. In his view, in this fast growing economy people have many needs and to fulfill their requirements is our job, provided it is genuine and reasonable. Our customers are our kings and hence we assure transperancy in our transactions with safety and security for their investments. Our companies are being operated by Executive Directors, who are young and energetic always in the field, taking care of specialised Sectors, supported by efficient and smart staff.



Having 42 years of experience in finance sector. Worked in foreign Bank, Nationalised Bank and Nidhi Co. His experience in various departments like Advances, Foreign Exchange, Taxes, HRD, PRD etc. Spreads over 14 branches covering states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala adds much more to the operations of our companies.

Our group at present having four companies, they are

  • INDUS LAND Global Marketing Pvt. Ltd
  • Indus Gramin Nidhi Ltd.
  • INDUS LAND Integrated Foundation
  • INDUS LAND Farmners Prodcuer Company Ltd.


Company Overview

Aim behind formation of this group of companies is to meet any type of financial requirement both directly and indirectly of people who later become our proud customers. We help them in Investments, Insurance, Marketing, Education etc. We have social commitments too, hence we are having INDUS LAND Farmers Producer Company Ltd. which helps marketing farmers produces.

The present society with multiple needs, to be restricted with functioning of one company, we know that won’t suffice, hence we have multiple number of companies to meet maximum number of requirements of the people. We say ours is a financial super market.

Mr Sanesh Kumar. S, our CEO, having more than 20 yrs. of experience in this field is the captain of this group. In his view, in this fast growing economy, people are with many wants, to fulfil their dreams is our job, provided they come with genuine and reasonable requirements. Our customers are our kings and hence we assure transparency in our functions with safety and security for their investments with us. Our Companies are being controlled by executive directors, who are young and energetic always in the field taking care of specialized sectors, supported by efficient and smart staff members.