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Mission & Vision

INDUS LAND group just formed, at present we have 4 companies in this, intend to add one more ie NBFC. We function under Ministry of Corporate affairs with approval from it. Hence we are under their guidance and supervision.

We get funds from within and from public ie our customers. When we deal with funds from public we have to be more vigilant and hence while we pay reasonable returns to investors very judiciously create assets to run the companies. Trust from the customers is our strength hence we have healthy strategies for the use of funds. We are socially committed too so we support higher education directly and indirectly both in India and abroad. Also another area is farmer’s produces where we aim at giving assistance to them mainly in marketing their products, ultimately to get attractive income for them. We have women empowerment in mind and hence our ways of work will be tuned to that direction too so as to improve their standard of living.

We intend having our presence in all over Kerala shortly.

Our funds are own capital, through deposits (like FD, RD, SB) shares and debentures. With these resources we create assets. Hence various types of loans like Home loans, Vehicle loans, Property loans, Construction loans, Education loans etc.